Accessible Stroll 3 Around Trehafren Hill

This accessible walk is paved throughout with dropped curbs but some inclines, so is not a completely level walk. It starts at the main entrance of the Oriel Davies Gallery, (wonderful free art exhibitions and a café with delicious refreshments and light meals). It follows a short distance along the river, then behind the houses of Trehafren Estate and up to the base of Trehafren Hill. It then goes around the hill and back to Oriel Davies via the police station and the back of the playpark.

1.8 miles • 50 minutes • Easy




With your back to the gallery, follow the diagonal path on the right towards the car park.  The path turns left and right towards the river and the Dolerw Park pedestrian bridge.  At the bridge turn left and follow the path past the playpark and along the hedge/fence of the school, then left to pass the Scout hut on your right.  Turn right at the road, there’s a sign there pointing to the National Cycle path 81. The police station is across the road on your left and you will soon pass the Maldwyn Nursery and Families Centre and then the Air Training Corps building, both on your right. Continue on this paved path to pass the Latham Park football ground on your left.


Continue following this path straight ahead, you will see a roundabout and the entrance to Trehafren Hill on your left. Carry on straight about 0.3 miles until you reach a junction of paths with a road (Lon Masarn) about 20 m ahead of you. Take the path that turns sharp left, by house no. 246. Turn right next to house no. 250 and on to Lon Cerddyn Road with Trehafren Hill in front of you.  Cross the road follow the tarmac path next to the red brick retaining wall and the Hill on your left.  Wind your way on the black tarmac footpath around the Hill, always staying as close to the Hill as possible (without going into private gardens, which mostly have concrete paths). Pass a small car park down on your right and at a bigger car park on your right, turn left at house no. 61&62.  Follow the tarmac path through the houses, past the entrance path to the SW Kissing Gate and later the S Kissing Gate entrance to the Hill, to some steps on your left. 


To avoid these steps, turn right then first left and left again to reach the tarmac path again at the Hill and brick wall. Turn right, soon passing the S Latched Gate and later the SE Entrance to the Hill.  Here you turn right to follow the path between hedges with the football ground on your left and allotments on your right.  Pass the police station to arrive at the road, Park Lane, with Ladywell School in front of you. Cross the road to the pavement on the other side and turn left then right, signed Canol-y-Dre, Town Centre and Cycle path 81, a partial repeat of the route you took on your way out.  Follow the fence again, past the Scout hut around to the right.  This time, at the end of the fence (with the play park in front of you), turn right and go past the miniature railway tracks to return to Oriel Davies.

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